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When Vivían Santana Chavez and her family made the move from Cuba to Aruba, they were surprised to find very few dining options on the island that featured Cuban cuisine. The family began dreaming of opening an authentic Cuban restaurant in Aruba to offer both locals and visiting tourists the chance to get a true taste of Cuba’s world-renowned cuisine on One Happy Island. When a space opened up in the Alhambra Mall, they knew the time had come to make their dream a reality, and We’R Cuba was born!


What is the best way to describe Cuban cuisine? One way to do this is by noting all the various influences that go into it. Because Cuba was colonized by Spain, the Spanish influence on Cuba’s cuisine dominates, followed closely by both Caribbean and African influences along with contributions from Native American Taino food. Being an island, seafood features prominently, and the tropical Caribbean climate in Aruba also means lots of fruits and root vegetables are incorporated into many dishes.

Although we only have 758 likes so far on Facebook, trust us when we say we’re just getting started!


We may be new, but we’re already getting reviews on Facebook. There are 34 reviews of We’R Cuba so far, and they all agree it is EXCELLENT!


Although we have just 758 likes so far on Facebook, trust us when we say we’re just getting started!


Those 34 reviews we mentioned? It’s worth nothing that ALL of them gave us a 5-star rating!

Like many countries throughout Central and South America, the most common staple dish is rice and beans, which may be cooked together or separately. We offer it up as side dish that complements any of our main course offerings. There are many variations on beans and rice, and the one we make here at We’R Cuba restaurant is called Moros Y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) because we cook black beans and white rice together.

Among the most beloved of entrees in Cuba is Ropa Vieja. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s considered the national dish of Cuba! So it goes without saying that any Cuban restaurant in Aruba has to have this on the menu, and we do offer it here at We’R Cuba. It is made of shredded beef that is slow-cooked in fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and wine to create one of the most mouthwatering stews you will ever have the pleasure of eating! But Ropa Vieja is just one of 13 different Cuban Specialties we offer on our entrée menu. There are lots of other dishes to try when you want to experience a taste of Cuba on One Happy Island!

But we should also mention that We’R Cuba has the best Mojitos in Aruba! The Mojito is the national cocktail of Cuba, and for good reason! It’s one of the most refreshing tropical beverages of all. This traditional Cuban highball is made with white rum, sugar, fresh lime juice, soda water and fresh mint. Fresh-cut lime slices and some of the fresh mint has to be properly mashed with a muddler to release the essential flavors and oils of those ingredients to get it just right, and at We’R Cuba we always get it right! Follow us on Facebook to find out about our daily happy hour offer, which is often a 2X1 deal on the Mojitos you love!

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